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Trials and tribulations of making an NFT

Overall making an NFT was a relatively fun experience. I guess with all the buzz around them platforms have needed to step up their game on getting you through the process as smoothly as possible. Let's be honest some of the best long term NFTs will be already established Artist, many of which aren't familiar with the crypto scene. Using opensea.io was one of those such experiences, most of the process is just like uploading art to any other site, it's when you go to publish it that it gets interesting... To attach your artwork to the blockchain, you are required to establish your metamask identity to the Ethereum network. Whilst Ethereum is the current leader for this NFT activity, in the future, there will be many more other options incoming (🤞 Cardano). Back to Ethereum, to carry out "work" on the blockchain you need to ask for the assistance of miners which you pay them with a token coined "gas" - you can start to see the analogies piling up. Once you have paid this initial gas fee, ours was approximately $180, you are all set to start uploading artwork that now has a non-fungible (unique) link to the Ethereum blockchain 🎉. This means the artwork will always be traceable via the Ethereum blockchain, including every crypto wallet that has ever owned it. So... looping back to my slight complaint with Ethereum above, if other blockchain solutions are arriving for NFT production, do you risk your NFTs being lost? The most simple answer is... it's very very unlikely (I'm a scientist so thus I avoid exclamations of absolute certainty). Whilst other solutions will arrive I believe that Ethereum has gotten so large that it is more likely to continue innovating than disappearing. Whilst the NFT blockchain is likely to get more crowded, it is not likely that Ethereum's place in this will disappear. Remember this is Crypto now, we are decentralised, it is no longer up to a single entity to decide on if something remains or not. Therefore, NFT collectors rejoice! The promise of an asset collection that is permanent as long as we have working electricity is not currently in danger!