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Synergistic AI Art

Voigt Art

We use Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a tool to allow for the creation of deep and meaningful art. Every piece we release has been curated by us leveraging the underlying similarities within a particular style of art. We believe that Art and Mathematics are beautifully entwined and that AI can help us understand both highly structured and semi-chaotic patterns within art. However, we do not believe (at least currently) that AI can guide us on the emotion that art delivers, this is where we lend a helping hand to this symbiotic relationship.

Why AI?

We strongly believe that AI is a part of everyone's life more than they probably know it. From better Google searching to suggested Facebook tagging AI has infiltrated the average person's daily life. Whilst we know AI is incredible for analysing data it is still in its infancy in some fields. We think AI art is an area for further development to push the boundaries not just of what AI can achieve, but to understand where it is lacking. Voigt Art is our journey to examine this and you are more than welcome to join the ride.

What is our process?

The development of each piece can take between weeks to months to complete. These are the steps we take:

First (1), we need to curate the artwork the machine learning algorithm will learn from. This can be incredibly difficult as we often pick our topic of creation before assessing what is available artwork. This is the reverse to a lot of other AI Art creators. We do this as this is what we don't want to limit our artistic reach based on what might be quicker training times. Often we will collate and pre-process hundreds of thousands of images as this is what is required for the AI to understand the features of the artwork.

Secondly (2), we assess and modify the AI network for learning. The leading network currently for training networks to create art is something called a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN), which trains two AI models. One model is the generator of art whilst the other is the discriminator. You can think of this as a new budding artist (generator) and the meanest art critique (discriminator) you can imagine. As the new artist attempts to make art based on the training artwork it has seen, the critique swiftly goes through and reports if or not it believes the artwork is any good (i.e. a fake) using the training artwork as a guide. This toil back and forth between the two is what develops a good AI model for making artwork. I wonder how many artists are reading this with flashbacks to art college. 😬

Thirdly (3), we examine the models. It is actually unknown how long a model can take to start producing good artwork this can range from a few hundred hours of processing through to a few thousand. The timing depends on the style and detail that you are trying to produce. Therefore, the model is examined at multiple points and if need be the architecture of the training network is revised if the model is not developing satisfactorily. If we can't get a satisfactory result from our training we may even abandon the project altogether. Alternatively, if we are happy with the model we start producing artwork. Every single AI model is capable of producing thousands of pieces of art by adjusting its input by slight amounts. The artwork which is produced is evaluated for work that invokes an emotional response or is simply just really cool looking.

Fourth (4), once we have a suitable subset of artworks we look to post-process them. This can be changing the aspect ratio, increasing the resolution and highlighting features. This is our helping hand to all the hard work the AI network has done and hand-crafts the final piece which you see. We review amongst ourselves when we think the artwork is ready for public review.

How can I get some artwork?

Currently, our artwork is available on opensea.io as Non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This allows collectors out there to get complete ownership of a one-of-a-kind original piece from us in it's natural digital format. If that sounds complicated you can read more about what this means here or feel free to contact us. We are currently working on methods to produce this artwork in a physical form for you to buy. If you are interested in this and don't want to wait please contact us and we will work with you to produce something.